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  • Unique Blue Bird Brooch
  • Three shades of Blue Bird Brooch
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Little Bird Brooch - three shades of blue

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A sweet little bird brooch in dusky, powder and denim blues colour way.
Approx 70 x 35mm with silver plated roll safety clasp on the back.
A great gift for anyone with who loves acrylic jewellery or likes unique pieces. It is supplied in a beautiful box, making it the perfect gift.

To clean your brooch you can simply wipe with a soft cloth to remove finger marks.

Acrylic is a fragile material so please store in a jewellery box to prevent damage.
Unlike a lot of plastics, the acrylic I use (Perspex) can be readily recycled all the way back to the original raw material ‘monomer’ regardless of colour or aesthetic effect.
Perspex does not contain any carcinogens, heavy metals, phthalates or any of the banned substances on the Ericsson list.

Why Acrylic?

    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Easy to reuse or recycle
    • Non-toxic pure material
    • Long Life in service