Our Creations

A Scottish based company

Lovingly crafted by hand in our Fife studio, Balsa Blue pieces are handmade and unique. Lasercut from a variety of materials and finished by hand. Sometimes we use paints, resin coatings or enamels to enhance the design. In the case of wooden items, we simply treat with 100% natural coconut oil to bring out the beauty of the grain.

Our Designer

Creating pieces for everyday wear

“ Having a background in design for print has helped immensely. The jewellery I design starts out as a graphic in adobe illustrator and is adapted to facilitate engraving or lasercutting. I use a variety of different materials and I’m always looking for new materials that I feel suit a particular design the best."

Getting Started

Simplicity in design and form

"Many designs start of as something I make for myself, without a thought to selling them on. For example, the idea for my Decorative diffuser reeds was born from my opinion that the standard reeds one could buy (or come with a fragrance) looked a bit boring. I initially browsed online to see if I could find something to fit the bill, when I realised what I wanted was not available- I made my own. This has gone on to become one of my most popular products “